Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA), through its vision of becoming a global leader in ensuring quality learning in the Financial Services Industry (FSI) has undertaken the development of an industry-wide professional qualifications reference structure specifically for the Islamic Financial Services Industry (IFSI), namely the Islamic Finance Professional Qualifications Structure (IFPQS). To learn more, download the publication here.

The IFPQS is a three-tiered structure consisting of six (6) Programme Levels (PLs). It broadly describes the type and range of knowledge that participants in Islamic Finance professional learning programmes are expected to acquire or attain at each level. As a conceptual tool, the IFPQS is a reference structure which provides the mechanism to streamline and classify learning levels for Islamic Finance professional learning programmes based on the following components:

Components of IFPQS

The IFPQS is envisioned to be a pivot in the development of high quality professional learning programmes in Islamic Finance which will support the strengthening of competencies for human capital in the IFSI throughout the world.


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