There are 3 scope of accreditation:

  1. FAA Approval
    The FAA Approval (FAV) is an accreditation process for a one- off customised programme. The Approval given is only valid for the programme to be conducted once.
  2. FAA Provisional Accreditation
    FAA Provisional Accreditation (FPV) is an exercise to determine whether a learning programme has met the minimum quality requirements preliminary to Full Accreditation. Provisional Accreditation is usually done for a new learning programme before its conduct to ensure that its design and development are done in accordance to the required learning and professional standards. FPV is valid for one (1) year before the Training Provider is required to apply for FAA Full Accreditation for this learning programme.
  3. FAA Full Accreditation
    FAA Full Accreditation (FFA) is a process to recognise that the teaching, learning and all other related activities of a FSI learning programme meet the FLC and are in compliance with the FQF and industry requirements. The FFA is valid for two (2) years and the Training Provider is required to apply for renewal before the validity period expires.

** Every institution who would like to participate in the accreditation process is required to register with FAA.

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