FAA Programme Accreditation (FPA) is a process to recognise Learning Programmes submitted on an individual basis by a particular institution. Each branch or branch campus of the institution is required to submit the Learning Programmes individually.

However, if the Learning Programme has obtained the FPA status for its Qualification or the Main Campus has obtained the FAA Accreditation status; the education providers/approved training provider and branch campuses are only required to register with FAA (as Registered Training Providers – RTP) by providing the following information that has been highlighted in this policy.

The FPA for branch/branch campus is merely to monitor the delivery aspects of the programme to ensure it meets the essential requirements described in the FAA Learning Criteria (FLC). FAA reserves the right to contact the Learning Programme owner for verification purposes.

Download the FAA Policy for Branch or Branch Campuses to Apply for FAA Programme Accreditation Status

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