Since 2011, all training providers registered with Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA) which submit their learning programmes for FAA Programme Accreditation (FPA) are required to comply to the FAA Learning Criteria (FLC). Comprising six (6) dimensions and 33 indicators, the FLC serves as a basis for learning programme assessment by FAA in terms of design, development and delivery.

FAA Learning Criteria (FLC 2.0)


Objectives of FLC


FAA Learning Criteria (FLC) is created to complement FAA Quality Framework (FQF), FAA Qualification Structure (FQS), FAA Learning Standards (FLS), and Finance Professional Qualifications Structure (FPQS) - all within the scope of FAA's quality assurance and accreditation frameworks. Benchmarked with global best practices, FLC 2.0 provides minimum standards for learning programmes across learning sectors. FLC 2.0 consists of dimensions or indicators in a learning programme.

Dimension & Indicators




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