Proviging and Receiving Gifts

The Policy applies to all employees of FAA, regardless of designation, as well as third parties acting on behalf of FAA including trainers and assessors. Gifts should be taken from existing collateral, and no other gifts allowed (unless prior CEO’s approval is obtained). FAA does not tolerate any corruption and/or fraudulent practices. Therefore, it is the employee’s responsibility to exercise judgement and reject any forms of gift or inducement which may lead to bribery, graft, etc. All gifts received from third party (with an estimated value of over RM100) would need to be declared by staff.

Sponsorship Contributions

Reasonable sponsorship contributions by suppliers for seasonal celebrations or other types of annual parties or one-off events may be considered acceptable provided it is reasonable, proportionate, not a restricted practice and received/given in the furtherance of a normal business relationship and the following conditions have been met: Any proposals or solicitations of sponsorship opportunities must be transparent and be approved by the CEO and/or the Leadership Committee.

Download the FAA Policy & Guidelines for Gifts and Sponsorship


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