A Team of Global Financial Experts

Our various Committees are made up of world-renowned experts and practitioners from the financial services industry, to ensure that our accreditation framework, standards and practices are truly globally benchmarked.

The FAA Accreditation Council

The FAA Accreditation Council membership (Council) consists of independent members locally and internationally appointed by FAA Board who are subject matter experts in various sectors of financial services, quality assurance, and training and development.

The roles and functions of the Council are:

  • To review, approve or reject learning programmes submitted by Registered Training Providers (RTPs) for FAA Approval (FAV), FAA Provisional Accreditation (FPV) and/or FAA Full Accreditation (FFA);
  • To review and approve reports and findings from the Compliance exercise;
  • To review and endorse quality assurance and accreditation standards and policies;
  • To provide guidance and advice to RTPs on the quality of learning programmes in terms of meeting FAA requirements;
  • To provide directions on enhancement of quality of learning programmes in the financial services industry (FSI);
  • To provide advice and feedback for continuous improvement in quality assurance and accreditation processes of FAA; and
  • To promote quality assurance and accreditation initiatives of FAA.


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