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Shaping the Future Workforce of the Financial Sector
Hilton Petaling Jaya
18 October 2018

Rapid changes in digital technology, business models and workforce demographics are radically reshaping the future of work. To meet the demands of this rapidly-evolving business ecosystem, business leaders see a need to redesign the organisation. The recent article by Bank Negara on the overview of key employment trends and emerging developments within the Malaysian financial sector workforce, shares some important strategies and priorities that will be implemented towards building the workforce of the future.

FAA Industry Forum
"Shaping the Future Workforce of the Financial Sector"
12th December 2018
PJ Hilton, Petaling Jaya
1330-1400hrs Registration
1400-1410hrs Welcoming Speech by Khairul Nizam
Chief Executive Officer, Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA)
1410-1440hrs Bank Negara Malaysia
Kristina Rai
Director, Human Capital Development Centre
Bank Negara Malaysia

"Current employment trends in the Malaysian financial sector"
Current trends in the financial sector workforce are indicative of a trajectory towards becoming more technology-intensive and knowledge-driven. This transition has the potential to be highly disruptive in a way that could undermine the broader benefits from a more productive and higher-skilled workforce.

1440-1510hrs CIMB Bank Berhad
Rohani Mustaffa
Senior Managing Director, Regional HR Business Partner

"Emerging developments within the financial sector workforce"
Equipping the workforce with new skillsets that are relevant and practical for the needs of the future. In line with a heightened focus on professionalism as part of ongoing regulatory reforms, this also entails the raising of professional standards and ethical conduct in the workforce.

1510-1540hrs Cagamas Berhad
Norazilla Tahir
Senior Vice President, Finance

"Implications and strategies for workforce planning and talent management going forward"
The important shifts in job creation, hiring trends and workforce composition that are taking place amid the changing financial landscape. Looking ahead, several factors will be key in shaping the workforce needs of the Malaysian financial sector. In particular, these factors include the pervasive impact of technology on both business strategy and processes, higher and more complex demands from the ongoing regulatory reforms, expanding cross-border operations and changes in consumer interactions.

1540-1630hrs Panellist Session:
  1. Salleh Hassan
  2. Rohani Mustaffa
  3. Norazilla Tahir

Sarala J Marimuthu

Chief Development Officer, Finance Accreditation Agency

1630-1700hrs Networking

End of Event

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