Dr Humayon Dar is the Chairman, President & CEO of Edbiz Consulting Limited, a London-based Islamic financial consulting firm. Dr Humayon Dar is an Islamic economist, futurist, writer, shari’a advisor, academic entrepreneur, philosopher and a transformational thinker, specialising in Islamic banking and finance. He earned his name by working closely with some of the most influential shari’a scholars, families and financial institutions in the world. He used his academic credentials and structuring skills to offer tailor-made faith-based solutions to some leading families in the Middle East and Asia. Through his extensive network of contacts in politics, leading business families and financial institutions, he developed business opportunities for his clients both from the Western world and in the emerging economies of Asia.

Educated at Cambridge University and having been associated with a number of universities and academic institutions in the West and in the rest of the world, Dr Humayon Dar has emerged as one of the foremost academic entrepreneurs in the world of higher education.

His tenure as a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank (where he served as CEO of its Islamic finance subsidiary) earned him name and fame in the field of faith-based structuring of financial products. He has advised global financial institutions like Allianz, Societe Generale, MSCI Barra, Nasdaq and local banks like Hong Leong Bank in Malaysia. Dr Humayon Dar is also a visiting Professor for Islamic Finance for universities in the UK, Malaysia and the Middle East.

Director General & CEO at IRTI, Islamic Development Bank

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