Nabil N. El-Hage is the Chairman of Academy of Executive Education, a global executive education company, specialising in training senior officers and directors in Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, Private Equity, and other topics. He is also Programme Director for the Central Bank of Malaysia’s Financial Institutions Directors’ Education (FIDE) programme.

Mr El-Hage also serves on several boards of directors of private and public companies. From 2003 to 2010, Mr El-Hage was on the faculty of Harvard Business School, where he was, at various times, Professor of Management Practice, Thomas Henry Carroll / Ford Foundation Adjunct Professor of Business Administration, and Senior Associate Dean for External Relations. At HBS, Mr El-Hage taught courses on Private Equity, Corporate Finance, and Corporate Accountability.

Mr El-Hage has won numerous teaching awards and recognitions. But Mr El-Hage is not a lifelong academic. He was CEO of a PE-backed company for nearly ten years, and has served on nearly fifteen boards of directors. He is currently the independent Chairman of the MassMutual Premier Funds, a $10 billion+ mutual fund complex and a past president of The Yale Club of Boston. Mr El-Hage graduated cum Laude from Yale University with a degree in electronic engineering (1980), and earned his MBA with the Highest Honors, as a Baker Scholar, from Harvard Business School in 1984, where he was awarded the Henry Ford Foundation Award for the Best First-Year academic record, the Loeb-Rhoades Fellowship for Excellence in Finance, the Copeland (Marketing) Award nomination, and a Dean’s Doctoral Fellowship.

Founder and Chairman, Academy of Executive Education

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