FAA has developed a suite of soft skills to meet the future needs of the Financial Services Industry (FSI). These soft skills were developed after extensive research and benchmarking against reputable international institutions.

The purpose of this development is to ensure that current and new employees possess soft skills competencies, for instance, cognitive and emotional competencies, which technology cannot replicate.

The soft skills competency elements are categorised into three clusters:

  • Personal - self-awareness, emotional intelligence and creativity
  • Interpersonal - collaborative and interactive
  • Technology & Data Management - analysis of digital data for decision making


  • Gives a seal of recognition of a graduate's soft skills competencies which would assist in their job search and career development.
  • Provides graduates with the soft skills competencies they should possess to be able to work effectively in the Financial Services Industry (FSI).
  • Provides Institutes of Higher Learning with information of the current competencies of their graduates, allowing the university to strengthen its soft skills programmes and initiatives.
  • The FSI is aware of the soft skills competencies of the graduates, giving them an advantage in employability.







FAA's Graduate Individual Accreditation (GFDA) is structured based on the foundation level of the Financial Services Industry requirements for global qualifications standard.
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