CTP is a professional development certification course that provides a holistic view of training. It is a highly effective way for trainers within the financial services industry to improve their professionalism.

The course covers the process of design, development and delivery. Highly practical, participants will develop lesson plans and learning materials and will facilitate a learning session.

Aligned with the FAA Quality Framework, CTP is outcome-based and guides facilitators to become more dynamic and effective.

This course is available in two modes: a bespoke face-to-face course, and Virtual CTP which is an online, instructor-led programme.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for:

  • trainers in the Financial Services Industry who wish to have a better understanding of the design, development and delivery of corporate training sessions
  • trainers in the Financial Services Industry who wish to be certified

What Will You Learn on This Course?

You will learn:

  1. How to use key learning design fundamentals to design and build an effective training programme
  2. How to analyse training needs and identify competency gaps
  3. How to create a course outline that adheres to industry learning standards
  4. How to develop effective learning materials for your course
  5. How to assess learners
  6. How to deliver an engaging course either face-to-face or online
  7. How to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of a training programme


  • CTP is a five-day programme with a post-course assessment.
  • Virtual CTP is a seven-day fully online programme with a post-course assessment.


Registration & Queries

For Virtual Certified Training Professional

Virtual CTP is a 7-day fully online, immersive, and customisable certification course. To learn more, click the link to view the latest brochure.
Virtual Certified Training Professional (CTP) Brochure

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For Certified Training Professional (CTP)

CTP is a 5-day bespoke physical classroom certification course. If you are interested or if you need more details, kindly write to us at cru@faa.org.my or contact us at +603 2786 2688.

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