CeLDP equips training professionals with the skills to design, create, prototype and develop e-learning materials for use in their training programmes.

It is part of the Professional Learning Series (PLA), which is designed for trainers to hone their skills in structuring learning content to a mastery level.

The course covers the process of planning, structuring, designing and developing content according to the ADDIE model.

Aligned with the FAA Quality Framework, CTP is outcome-based and offers facilitators a chance to enter the exciting world of e-learning.

Highly practical, participants will be expected to complete an e-learning lesson plan, storyboard and prototype built using Articulate Storyline.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for:

  • trainers who wish to branch out into e-learning or learn more about it
  • HR and L&D professionals with an interest in training and e-learning

What Will You Learn on This Course?

You will learn:

  1. The difference between high-quality e-Learning materials that engage learners and poor-quality materials that send learners to sleep
  2. The theories and approaches that underpin successful e-learning design
  3. How to create a course outline that adheres to industry learning standards
  4. How to create an e-learning storyboard
  5. How to use a range of easily accessible tools to create course content
  6. How to use Articulate Storyline to build an e-learning prototype

Schedule and Deliverables

CeLDP is a five-day programme with a post-course assessment.

Virtual CeLDP is a fully online programme with a post-course assessment, delivered over eight half-day sessions.

To complete the course successfully, participants need to achieve a passing mark of 75% on the following deliverables:

  • lesson plan
  • storyboard
  • prototype


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