Driving Excellence in the Financial Services Industry

At FAA, our goal is to raise the standards and quality of professional learning and development in the financial services industry. As an independent quality assurance and accreditation body, supported by Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) and the Securities Commission Malaysia, our primary aim is to create highly skilled and internationally mobile professionals for the benefit of this global industry. We are backed by a Technical Committee of financial experts, professionals and leading academics from major financial centres around the world. This enables us to provide the highest quality in standards, and to maintain a global outlook with learning programmes that translate across borders.

Our Purpose

To empower organisations and individuals in the financial services industry (FSI) with consistent, high-quality learning and development, through the use of proprietary tools and learning standards.

Through the accreditation of internationally benchmarked programmes, we enable sustainability by raising the quality of talent. Finance professionals will benefit from a high-quality learning and development experience while organisations will be empowered by a pool of talents who may be employed across borders and jurisdictions, making it possible for them to function in a dynamic, global market.

Our accreditation process is simple and intuitive. The in-depth analysis of each programme, conducted by our accreditation body, is rigorous but fair, and ensures that these programmes are current, practical and consistent. 

A Brief History

The founding members of FAA were initially part of the Accreditation department in the Asian Institute of Finance (AIF). To avoid a conflict of interest, as well as its potential to play a larger role as an independent entity, the FAA was incorporated in August 2012 to develop higher learning standards, and spearhead the standardisation and certification efforts for the financial services industry, under the guidance of Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia.

Since its inception, FAA’s ambit has expanded substantially to embrace a wide range of accreditation formats, from programme accreditation to institutional and individual accreditation.

Our Vision

"To be the global leader in ensuring quality learning in the Financial Services Industry."

Our Mission

"To inspire and promote the highest quality in continuing education and professional development for the Financial Services Industry (FSI) through our globally benchmarked accreditation framework, standards and practices."


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