• Stand out from your competition

    In today’s highly competitive education industry, prospective students and parents choosing a university equate reputation with accreditation. An FAA accredited programme is a clear indicator that a programme is of high quality and in line with current best practices, benchmarks and regulations.

  • An attractive complement to institutional accreditation

    As FAA programme accreditation is specific to learning programmes, it is the first opportunity of its kind to ensure an additional level of credibility for your institution’s finance programmes. Prospective students and parents appreciate that their finance programme of choice has been given as much attention as the institution itself. 

  • Produce job-ready graduates

    FAA accredited programmes are assessed by industry experts and technical specialists specific to the programme's focus, and as such, their first-hand knowledge of the industry’s current needs is invaluable to students looking to graduate a step ahead in their careers. Graduates of an FAA accredited programme can bank on FAA’s reputation when applying for jobs.

  • Deliver greater value to your graduates

    Send your graduates into their careers on a learning pathway that will transition seamlessly into their professional development. A learning experience that is accredited by an institution supported by Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia is a sound start for any graduate entering the finance industry. 

  • Close the gap between academia and industry

    As FAA's assessors are from both academia and industry, FAA accredited programmes provide a balanced combination of the theoretical knowledge that is necessary and the practical application that is desired.

  • Gain industry recognition

    FAA programme accreditation is an acknowledgement by the industry that the programme is in line with the market’s needs and will provide graduates with the right foundation on which to build their career.

  • Simple, quick online submission system

    The FAA Accreditation SysTem allows you to submit your programme for assessment through our online portal in a structured, user-friendly format.

  • Produce predictable business results

    There is an increased focus on learning and development and the critical role the function plays in corporate strategy and growth. Ease your mind with an expert assessment of your learning programmes to ensure they are meeting your objectives and delivering long-term success.

  • Accomplish more by outsourcing your quality assurance

    As in all rapidly evolving industries, there is an ever-increasing need to design and develop new learning programmes to keep your organisation ahead of the competition. By outsourcing segments of your design and development process you will be able to deliver, faster.

  • Give yourself room for agility and precision

    A company that can impart the right knowledge to its employees faster than a competitor will pull ahead. Let FAA help you create a competitive advantage through your learning and development initiatives. Our highly qualified international assessors, efficient assessment systems and globally benchmarked learning standards will give you flexibility to act quickly and deliver results.

  • Save costs without compromising on quality

    As more institutions develop learning programmes internally to avoid the high costs of external training providers, there is a greater need for benchmarking and quality assurance. Spend your budgets and your time wisely with a cost-effective, independent assessment by FAA.

  • Deliver greater value to your organisation

    Exceed expectations by giving your employees an internationally assessed learning experience. Be assured that your learning initiatives meet international standards and will sustain your organisation with practical and effective knowledge transfer.

  • Cater to a more diverse set of learning styles

    FAA’s assessors are industry experts and leading academics from around the globe, and their international experience and perspectives will allow your learning programmes to cater to a wide variety of learning styles. You can focus on the bigger picture while our assessors ensure you are equipped for a globalised workforce.

  • Develop a global workforce

    As FAA’s learning standards are internationally benchmarked, knowledge and skills gained from FAA accredited programmes can be applied across borders and jurisdictions, reducing the need for repetitive localised training.

  • Simple, quick online submission system

    The FAA Accreditation SysTem allows you to submit your programme for assessment through our online portal in a structured, user-friendly format.


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