The FAA Accreditation Panel (FAP) consists of subject matter experts in their respective sectors, i.e. Islamic Finance, Insurance, Capital Markets, Conventional Banking and Corporate Programmes.

Islamic Finance


Capital Markets

Conventional Banking

Corporate Programmes

The roles and functions of the FAP are as follows:

  •  To assess the learning programmes submitted for accreditation to ensure their compliance to the FAA Learning Criteria (FLC) prescribed under the FAA Quality Framework (FQF) and their relevance to the requirements of the FSI within the stipulated timeline;
  •  Approve and/or accredit learning programmes, institutions or individuals, that fulfil the set criteria and principles.
  •  To report the evaluation and findings to the FAA Accreditation Committee (FAC);
  •  To recommend to FAC the results of such evaluation and findings so as to grant or refuse approval of the learning programme;
  •  To provide advice and feedback on the accreditation processes and procedures that will lead to the continuous improvement and enhanced quality of learning programmes in the FSI;
  •  To highlight quality aspects which may require attention that would assist the registered training provider in its efforts to design, develop and deliver learning programmes effectively.

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