1. Provide the assurance that the learning programmes in the financial services industry meet international best practices and benchmarks.
  2. Assure that accredited programmes are relevant and needed by industry.
  3. Increase the knowledge and skill base of personnel in the financial services industry.
  4. Provide a learning pathway for personnel in the financial services industry.
  5. Provide regional and international recognition of learning initiatives.
  6. Provide a recognition of quality to the training provider.

For developers of learning programmes:

  1. Benchmarking of learning programmes carried out by international accreditation committees.
  2. Recognition of quality in the design, development and delivery of learning programmes.
  3. Valuable input from international experts and leading academics.
  4. Enhance the structure and content of learning programmes.

For personnel in the financial services industry:

  1. Assurance that learning programmes are of high quality and will transfer knowledge that is relevant to current industry needs.
  2. Assurance that participation in training is recognised, and will contribute to career progression.

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