The BAC-FAA Joint Accreditation combines the strengths of two leading quality assurance agencies to offer accreditation for an institution as well as programme-specific accreditation for its finance-related programmes. 

The foundation of successful institutes of higher education are conducive and supportive learning environments as well as high-quality, results-driven learning programmes. Institutions awarded the BAC-FAA Joint Accreditation can assure their students they are capable of delivering the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce. 

The BAC-FAA Joint Accreditation is the first of its kind and the highest mark of quality for institutes of higher education offering finance-related programmes. 

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Accreditation Criteria 

Institutional accreditation assesses the overall quality of the isntitution in the following areas: 

  • Governance, Strategy and Financial Management 
  • Academic Management and Administation 
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment 
  • Student Recruitment, Support, Guidance and Progression 
  • Premises, Facilities and Learning Resources 
  • Quality Management, Assurance and Enhancement 


Programme accreditation looks into the structure, content and delivery of learning through the following dimensions: 

  • Learning Programme Rationalisation 
  • Competency Fulfilmnent 
  • Learning Programme Structure 
  • Learning Programme Delivery 
  • Learner Assessment 
  • Learning Programme Recognition 



Any institution offering finance-related programmes which has a formal recognised relationship with a higher education institution and meets the BAC Standards and FAA Learning Criteria are eligible to apply for the BAC-FAA Joint Accreditation provided they meet the following criteria:

  • The institution is licensed by a local, regional or national licensing agency, if such licensing is mandatory or holds accreditation from a nationally-recognised educational or professional body.
  • The institution offers teaching in English.
  • The institution predominantly teaches learners aged 16 or over.
  • Effective control of the institution is the responsibility of an accountable management.
  • The institution is led by a proprietor or designated principal/director, who must have clear contractual responsibilities for the running of the institution and for the quality of its work.
  • There are no grounds for believing the proprietor, principal/director or any other senior manager to be unfit to have responsibility for the institution.
  • The institution has provided a relevant education programme for a minimum period of two years. Exceptionally, BAC may approve accreditation at an earlier date, although this would normally only be available to institutions which are part of a larger organisation which itself meets the above requirements.

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